Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Replacement Therapy or TRT is for men who are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone such as fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle mass and increase in fat mass, loss of libido or sexual desire, difficulty getting an erection, loss of confidence, depression, type II diabetes, and decreased cognitive ability. TRT when undergone in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE approach can provide men with great relief and improve their mood, cognition, sex drive, physical appearance and general overall well being.

At Amazing Life Centre we keep you safe by providing you with appropriate doses, supportive therapies and appropriate lab monitoring of all relevant tests for testosterone replacement. You first come in for a visit with Dr. Schuyler McHenry an expert in TRT and men’s medicine. During your visit we will discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and what is the best approach to take for your individual needs. If you elect to proceed with the TRT Medical Program at Amazing Life Centre you will have your blood drawn for labs that day. As soon as we get the results and decide to initiate therapy you will be given a prescription for medicine. If needed you bring the medicine back to the office and will be provided with a demonstration of how to use it for yourself at home. Then after initiating therapy you will have follow up labs about every 8-12 weeks to monitor you for safety and effectiveness of your current regimen and a follow up visit every 10-14 weeks to refill your prescription.

Dr. Schuyler’s broad experience as a naturopath also allows him to manage just about any other issues that may come up for you along the course of treatment. If needed additional therapies like growth hormone stimulation, optimized nutrition and regenerative injection therapy can be used to give you Amazing Results.

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